Worker’s Comp – Slip

Take Action to Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Keep your customers and your staff on their feet by taking these steps to prevent slips, trips and falls.

  • Clean up wet areas and spills immediately.
  • Post a sign in areas where wet floors are likely, for example, at entrances during rainy or snowy weather. Carpet mats may be a good choice in these areas.
  • Keep cords and other objects out of walkways. If a cord needs to cross a walkway, tape it down.
  • Avoid throw rugs; they are trip hazards.
  • When it snows, assign a staff member to shovel and spread salt/de-icer at specific intervals outside entrances and exits and on sidewalks and parking lots. Keep a log of these activities as proof of your safety focus should someone slip and fall on your property.
  • Keep workspaces and walkways clear, clean and well lit.

Remind staff members about other safety measures:

  • For stairways, install a sturdy hand railing and encourage staff to use it.
  • Wear appropriate, slip-resistant shoes.
  • Slow down, especially around corners, obstacles and doorways.
  • Take stairs one step at a time and limit the load you are carrying so you can see the steps.
  • Keep work areas tidy and clean.
  • Use a correct ladder when accessing items overhead … don’t use a chair, table, bucket or box.
  • Ask for help.

Be proactive! Develop a plan and execute!

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