Billing FAQ


Billing FAQ

Q: Do I need special software to sign up for this E-Bill Express payment service?
A: No special hardware or software is required to use this service. You will only need Web access and your browser.

Q: After enrolling in the payment service, when can I start paying my bills?
A: After you complete and submit the enrollment form and respond to the activation email, we will start your service immediately. You can then access the service to pay a current bill or view past bills. You should begin receiving an E-Bill notification within a month or so, depending upon the billing cycle.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: The initial screen provides the ability for you to have your password emailed to the email address used when you enrolled.

Q: How am I billed for this service?
A: There is no cost for enrolling in and using this payment site. See the Service Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Q: How do I cancel this payment service?
A: To cancel log in and click un-enroll or you may contact our customer care department. Click the “Contact Us” hyperlink on the web page for contact information.

Q: Where can I find my account number?
A: You can find your account number on a recent paper bill.

Q: If an account is in a name other than my own, can I still sign up for E-Bill payment service?
A: Yes, but please be sure to use the account number as it appears on the bill.

Q: Will I receive a reminder that I have a new E-Bill?
A: You will receive an e-mail notification reminding you that an E-Bill has been generated.

Q: How long does it take to receive a new E-Bill?
A: Once you enroll your most recent bill is available immediately.

Q: Will I still receive a paper copy of the bill through the U.S. mail?
A: Yes, you will still receive a paper bill through the U.S. mail as you did before.

Q: Can I store or view paid E-Bills?
A: You can view paid E-Bills by looking under “Search and Pay My Bills.” You can use your browser’s print function to print the bill.

Q: When is the money for the payment drawn from my bank account?
A: The funds for the payment are debited from your account on the scheduled payment date. Keep in mind that you should always have funds available to cover the payment on that date.

Q: Where do I make checks payable to?
A: Berkley Asset Protection