Toll Fraud Can Cost You Thousands


DATE — March 25, 2019

Criminals hacked into a jeweler’s voice mail system, then used the phone number to make 900 calls to the tune of $300,000. Verizon is trying to hold the jeweler responsible for the charges.

What is toll fraud?
Toll fraud is the most common crime that occurs when a phone system is hacked. Toll fraud is when the hackers use your phone number to make toll calls across the world. These calls typically rack up thousands of dollars in charges before you even realize your phone system has been hacked. Over the span of a few days, a fraudulent act such as this can rack up $20,000 or more in toll charges. What makes the matter worse for many companies is that the phone providers tend to hold the companies liable for the charges.

The Communications Fraud Control Association reports that toll fraud costs companies an estimated $4.73 billion each year. The hackers break into your phone system by using an automated attendant or voicemail system. After logging into the system, the hackers dial 900 numbers, which charge users more than $1 per minute for calls. The hackers then receive some of those charges to your company. That is the main part of the entire scheme.