Property – Winter – Checklist

Winter Weather Checklist

Premises Winter Preparation Checklist

  • Check your roof for condition and debris.
  • Check your roof drains to make sure they are clear and properly functioning.
  • Clear all gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Confirm your thermostat is functioning and your boiler has been serviced for the year.
  • Seek out drafty areas in your building and add insulation.
  • Make sure your sidewalks are clear of debris and in good condition.
  • Buy salt/ice melt for the sidewalks.
  • Confirm snow removal contracts and procedures are in place.
  • Confirm all outdoor lighting is functioning.
  • Get your weather mats ready for the winter.

Pipe and Water Checklist

  • Keep an emergency water supply. Extreme cold can cause water pipes to freeze and sometimes break.
  • Check all pipe insulation.
  • During bitter cold snaps, leave all water taps slightly open so they drip continuously.
  • Keep the indoor temperature warm.
  • Allow more heated air near pipes, for example, open cupboard doors in front of pipes.
  • If your pipes do freeze, do not thaw them with a torch. Thaw the pipes slowly with warm air.

Know Winter Storm Warning Definitions

  • Winter Weather Advisory: Expect winter weather conditions (e.g., accumulation of snow, freezing rain and sleet) that could cause severe inconvenience and life-threatening
  • Frost/Freeze Warning: Expect below-freezing temperatures.
  • Winter Storm Watch: Be alert; a storm is likely.
  • Winter Storm Warning: Take action; the storm is in or entering the area.
  • Blizzard Warning: Seek refuge immediately. Snow and strong winds, near-zero visibility, deep snow drifts, and life-threatening wind chill.

Be proactive! Develop a plan and execute!

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