Employment – EPLI – Risk

Managing Employment Risk
With the purchase of Employment Risk Liability Insurance from Berkley Asset Protection, you can access two free resources to help you manage the many employment exposures to your business and reduce or prevent costly employment claims.

Employment Practices Consultation—Legal Hotline from Jackson Lewis LLP

Jackson Lewis is one of the nation's larges and most respected employment law firms, representing management in the defense of harassment, discrimination, wrongful discharge and other workplace-related claims.

This free consultative service connects you to attorneys who can provide proactive and practical information about a broad range of topics, including:

  • Appropriate steps to take when investigating reports of harassment.
  • Whether the FMLA or state leave laws apply to your company, and how they generally should be administered.
  • How federal and state employment laws can apply to your workplace issues.
  • Overview of your company's rights with respect to the types of action it could consider when and employee fails to perform job duties.

To access the Hotline, call 1-(800)259-5589

9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday

Spanish, Chinese, and Korean language support available

Workplace Risk Solutions—Online Support from the McCalmon Group

Provides up-to-date information, education, loss prevention and training to you and your employees, with access to:
  • Model Workplace Forms and Policies—For small businesses, including Application for Employment and Reprimand forms and model H.R. Handbook Policies in English and Spanish on common workplace topics.
  • Web Based Training—Online training modules available 24/7—at no cost—on prevention of discrimination, harassment and other employment claims. 
  • Knowledge Vault—A library full of workplace-related articles, self-audit checklists, and more, driven by a powerful search engine for easy searches of previously published material. 
  • Additional Features—Email notices of new articles; links to Federal and State law sources; and ability to purchase a comprehensive Model Handbook from the McCalmon Group at a reduced rate

Workplace Risk Solutions Website

Policyholders—Getting started…

  1. Select the site administrator. We recommend that all company personnel handling EPLI be registered to use the site. The best way to get started is to have one of these individuals register for the company as the site administrator, and then register the additional users. 
  2. Go to www.wprsolutions.com
  3. Enter Passcode: BA-HrHelp
  4. Complete the Registration form. 

Note: Selecting username and password—For ease of use, we recommend the e-mail name as the username and the organization name as the password.

Training Notice Screen—We suggest turning off (click NO) all questions on the Training Notice Screen. You can adjust it later if you assign online lessons. 

Questions? Call a Customer Service Representative: (888)-712-7667


Administrators—Getting started…

You can adapt the site to your organization's needs through the Control Panel:

Add More Users

There are two ways to add more users: 

Recruit New Users Via Email:

  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Users
  • Click Recruit New Users
  • Fill in the email addresses of recruitees with a comma between each address.
  • Add your own comments under Additional Message
  • Click Submit to send the emails 


Add New Users Individually: 

  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Add/Edit Approved Users
  • Click Add New User
  • Click Submit to complete the registration
  • Give the new user his/her username and password.

Adapt Training Setting for Your Users

The system automatically assigns all the training to every user with a site profile of manager or above. The Site Administrator has the ability to adapt the default training settings.

  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Training
  • Select Training Settings
  • If you do not wish to use a set of lessons or bulletins, simply uncheck them.
  • To change the due date, select desired length of time from the dropdown.
  • When the settings reflect you preference, click Submit to register these choices on the system.