Art – Gallery Equipment

Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Art Galleries

Art Galleries preserve and display artifacts, paintings and sculptures. These collections and exhibits reflect the history of a civilization, group or individual.

Business income is derived mostly from sales, visitor donations, private donors, concessions and special events. Extended closings as a result of unplanned business outages can often lead to a damaged reputation and loss of business income, making timely recovery efforts critical. Additional activities include the sale of novelty items such as t-shirts and souvenirs, as well as hosting events like business gatherings, wedding parties and school graduation celebrations.

Art Galleries have several insurable equipment exposures, such as air conditioning units, boilers, motors, compressors and other types of HVAC equipment to keep the content at the right temperature and humidity. Art Galleries use all types of business systems including computers, scanners, telephone systems and security equipment.

Many of the boilers and pressure vessels require jurisdictional inspections, which are performed by the equipment breakdown reinsurer at no additional cost. Electrical breakdown, followed by mechanical breakdown are the most prevalent causes of loss in Art Galleries. Boiler and pressure vessel failures account for the lowest frequency of loss.

Typical Losses

A compressor motor used for an air conditioning unit experienced electrical arcing damage. The compressor required replacement.

Property Damage: $4,000

Electrical damage occurred to the main circuit breaker which also caused an extended power outage. As a result, the art gallery could not hold special events that had been previously scheduled leading to a business income loss.

Property Damage: $39,000

Business Income: $10,000

The art gallery experienced an externally generated power surge that caused damage to multiple security

system components including the cameras. Due to extensive damage and the unavailability of repair parts, the entire system was replaced.

Property Damage: $33,000


Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Sanitary Hot Water Supply Boilers, Comfort Heating Boilers

Mechanical Equipment: Air Conditioning Compressors, Liquid Pumps, Emergency Generators, Elevators

Electrical Equipment: Motors, LCD Monitor/Televisions, Transformers, Fan/Blowers, Emergency Lighting Systems, Electrical Service Panels, Telecommunications Equipment, Desktop PC, Servers, and WiFi, Network Equipment, Security Systems, CCTVs, Central Music/Sound Systems, Special Effect Lighting Systems

Time Element: Business Interruption, Extra Expense, Service Interruption

Class Specific: Spoilage/Consequential Damage

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