Art – Fair Loss

10 Tips for Protecting Fine Art at Fairs

1. Know Your Inventory

Keep a detailed record of inventory both art and non-art related that you are shipping to the fair.

2. Label Your Inventory

Be sure to label the backs of all 2-D objects as appropriate and develop an inventory system for the outside of containers so that you can easily conduct a piece count.

3. Keep Records of Shipments

Make sure all shippers are provided a list of what is shipping at all legs of transit and installation. Keep copies of bills of lading on file.

4. Conduct Accurate Piece Counts

Double check your inventory on four separate occasions. First, when it leaves for the fair. Next, once it arrives at the booth. Then, at the end of the fair and lastly once it returns.

5. Note Changes in Conditions

If you notice any damage, note it on any bill of lading with shippers. Remember to inspect all of the objects in your booth at the end of each day to confirm there are no changes in condition or previously undocumented damages.

6. Carefully Consider Placement of Objects

Spend time in your booth imagining placement of objects in terms of movement of patrons at the Try to place objects out of active pathways.

7. Document Damages

If you discover damage take photos of the piece and the packaging. Note it on any shipment paperwork and notify your insurer as soon as possible.

8. Make Sure You Are Covered

Speak with your insurance broker to be certain you have the appropriate insurance for the fair. Increased limits or endorsements to your existing policy may be required in advance of the fair.

9. Consider Security Hardware and Display

For small, high value or out of view items, consider hanging with anti-theft hardware in order to deter theft attempts. Cover small sculptures or objects in Vitrines with seals. Berkley Asset Protection recommends Art Guard-

10. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Avoid leaving your booth unattended and pay attention to visitors and their actions in your space. Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is located in relation to your booth.

Be proactive! Develop a plan, and execute!